A virtual exposition for the multi-user interactive stand, reconstructing paleolytic human daily activities, based on research made by Novosibirsk State University archeology department.

The exposition is a 3D virtual space, created on motives of the Denisovan cave, combining the past and the present. With the aid of virtual reconstruction and 3-dimensional animation, visitors are simultaneously acquainted with the activities of an ancient human as well as with the methods of archaeologists, unique finds and artifacts.

  • Client:

    Novosibirsk State University.

Sincere attention to the wishes of the client, useful professional advice, enthusiasm in doing their job - all this allowed to create a remarkable exposition, which has no analogues in the museums of our country and, perhaps, the world.

Natalia BelousovaResearcher, Institute of Archeology and Ethnography SB RAS, NSU