Virtual Reality (VR) is the technology that enables a person to perceive a digital environment with a high degree of realism and interact with it. A virtual environment is created using computer hardware and software. For immersion, various interactive devices such as glasses, headsets or gloves are often used, as well as natural user interfaces.

Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. Unlike VR, which creates a totally artificial environment, AR users see the real environment with the generated information superimposed on top of it.

Mixed Reality (MR) is an immersive technology, which combines virtual and augmented reality, allows them to interact with each other, combining the physical world with the digital one.

Our offer
  • Development of complex simulators and simulators for space, aviation, railway and industrial enterprises.
  • Creation of virtual expositions for museums, exhibition centers.
  • Mobile game development and PC game development
  • Architectural, design, scientific visualization using AR/VR and 3D modeling technologies.

Why choose us
  • We simulate the processes: the operation of equipment, between different equipment, between specialists.
  • We automate the system for assessing the actions of the trainee.
  • We achieve high realism and the most reliable recreation of working environments.
  • We use advanced immersion technologies, scripting software systems.
  • We manufacture individual pieces of equipment for simulators, control panels.

Our customers
  • Enterprises of the space and aviation industry.
  • Railway transport enterprises.
  • Mining enterprises.
  • Museums, exhibition centers.
  • Universities, research centers, centers of professional qualifications.