How we work

  1. Tell us about your task

    You can contact us by any means you like and Describe briefly what issues or tasks you are facing.

  2. We suggest different solutions

    Give us a couple of days to dive into the topic and we will figure out what modern technologies fit your purpose best. We often travel to the site of a future project to clarify the details with the help of photo and video shooting.

  3. We estimate costs

    After you select a solution we'll set project budget and prepare a quotation.

  4. We draw up detailed technical requirements ourselves

    We can help you develop detailed project requirements with minimal budgetary risk. All you need is consent.

  5. We make a contract

    After clarifying the requirements, we conclude an agreement.

  6. Prepare an implementation plan

    Careful planning is the key to successful results within set time. We'll show you what we are going to do at every stage of a project.

  7. We keep you in the loop

    Progress demonstrations are standard for our company. We won't make our clients wait in the dark and worry.

  8. We provide installation and technical support

    We will install the finished product and draw up a comprehensive manual for staff training. If necessary, we will provide you with technical support.